Written thanks to Anne-Carole Delhommeau’s precious notes

The full version of this speech is to be published in Cahiers de Sol France in French and in Reflections in English (automn 2014)

Jean-Paul Bailly, introduced by Sol France’s President as an « entrepreneur of one of the largest companies in France, a humanist, a leader for the future, a friend… »

Testimony of change management in a very large public company
GP_logo_quadri - CopieFor 20 years I have been practicing the organizational learning without even knowing it. First with RATP French subway company with 40,000 employees, considerable challenges, challenge of reducing conflicts and pursue innovation), and La Poste (French postal service company gathering 300 000 employees, now 230,000).
Steps to transform an organization
1. Define a vision, an ambition, a shared project.

To drive change, people need to know what the business is, how the change will go, what is expected from me and what it will change for me. There is a need to conduct a shared project. The golden rule: Align all energies to better release initiatives and innovations. We must try to organize it in the most open and shared way as possible (…)

2. Being aware of our responsibility.

The company is not only an economic actor, it is a major player in all its eco-system. I propose that we try to reformulate the mission of the company, which is a player in the responsible development of society. We require numerous things from companies: economic development, quality of service, productivity growth, innovation, investment, development, purchasing policy, strong contribution to shareholder wealth (…)

3. Share the fruits of economic growth and income.

A company exists only if it includes all its stakeholders (…) We must get a balanced and equitable consideration of all stakeholders. Customers: in exchange for good services we earn their loyalty. This is true with staff (their commitment), with territories (their support in exchange for listening), SMEs (their contribution), shareholders (their confidence), citizens (their support, their contribution to the quality of your image).

Then... a decentralized organization based on trust !
3S for the conduct of project
SOL GLOBAL FORUM 2014You must give the Sense (le sens),  the Support (le soutien), and make the Follow-up (le suivi), which means being very demanding in terms of results.

That requires a dialogue among all the people, all stakeholders, levels of the company, internal and external. The dialogue is not up just when things are going badly, it is the core of a management of change. Without this method we would have failed the enormous challenges of La Poste (…).

One dimension is neglected in French companies: giving enough time, have a long-term vision, preparing the ground for months and years, to share issues, build vision, membership, conduct experiments Saving time at any price is an incredible error (…).

Consider the company as a living body, that’s a singular discipline of decision and change (…).

(FR) Jean-Paul Bailly speech at Sol Global Forum.